Eoin Colfer “The Dog Who Lost His Bark”

Mommy said that the right girl or boy would come and take him outside to the wonderful world, so he did not hide anymore, when people came nearby. He became hopeful and excited about discovering the world. If mommy said there is a right boy or girl for me, then this is how it must be.

It wasn´t long after that realization that a little puppy found himself outside, in the world full of whole new smells. Some of the smells he recognised, because mother had taught him where they came from. Being out in the world meant one thing – puppy was taken to a new home. He was so happy he started to bark to show his excitement, but was punished for that. Soon he realised this was not his boy. The right one wouldn´t call him stupid.

It is a story about a puppy who learns about life and gets to know people in the hard way. How could he start trusting anyone again once being mistreated? It is a long way, but Patrick tries all he can to make it happen. He truly wants to become best friends with the dog that he names Oz. Life doesn’t always go in the way we hope it would, but it always helps to have a great buddy by your side.

Published: Walker Books Ltd, 2018
Illustrated: P. J. Lynch

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Mari-Liis Mägi
Kännukuke branch library

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