Essi Mäkelä “Finland: Suomen tasavalta”

This book provides a good choice of knowledge about our northern neighbor, especially if you plan to visit Finland. This nonfiction is easy reading and is about many facets of Finland – it is about language, history, climate, government, lifestyle, culture, food etc. Every page has superb photos. At the end of this edition the reader can find history in numbers and a small index as well.

This country is an interesting state in itself – the wilderness of Lapland creates a contrast with the more densely populated south. The Arctic Circle goes through Lapland. The country has very beautiful nature. Finland has more than 188,000 lakes, it is called the Land of Thousands of lakes. The coast of the Baltic Sea is sprinkled with islands. There are 37 national parks in Finland to visit.

Finnish language belongs to the same Baltic-Finnic language group as Estonian, Karelian, Livonian, Ingria etc. Finnish national languages are Finnish and Swedish, as Finland was part of Sweden for almost 700 years from around 1150 until 1809.

To find out more, you just have to read the book by yourself. It is a good possibility to get acquainted with Finland and Finns.

Published: United Press Global, 2013
Translated: Marja-Liisa Helenius

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Katrin Antonenko
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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