Jan Eldredge „Evangeline of the Bayou“

It’s a dark and mysterious story of a eldritch world of young haunt huntress Evangeline. Almost 13 years old, Evangeline lives in a middle of a swamp (literally) of Louisiana. Never known her early departed mother, Evangeline is an apprentice of her grandmother, a powerful swamp witch, learning everything about supernatural creatures and how to restrain them. This is a skill highly appreciated, since her surroundings is thriving with all sorts of mystical critters.

After been summoned to help a family of non-believers in New Orleans, a spellbinding adventure launches, revealing dark secrets and testing the determination and skills of the two haunt huntresses. 

Jan Eldredge has created a dark, bewitching story with mesmerizing characters and unexpected plot twists, picked with rich mythology of southern states of America.

There is also a glossary of monsters, ghosts and assorted supernatural entities at the end of the book, in which you can acquaint yourself with all the creatures emerging in the book. Some picked from the Creole mythology, some shaped by the fantasy of the author.

Published: HarperCollins Balzer + Bray, 2018
Illustrated: Joseph Kuefler

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Ingrid Lestsepp
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