Terri Libenson “Invisible Emmie”

It is a cute graphic novel about Emmie – quiet and shy seventh grader, who feels as if she is invisible. She is like a quiet mouse, who is never noticed and heard. There is also a parallel story about school’s most popular girl Katie. She has it all – looks and dozens of friends. The stories of the two girls combine in the middle of the novel. It is really nice and light reading, that involves teenager life aspects at school – crushes, humiliations, boredom at certain classes etc. The graphics give a humorous side to the story. 

Emmie meets her best and only friend Brianna on lesson breaks. As usually they goof off and this time they decide to write gooey love notes to boys that they actually like. It was meant as a joke and kept between them, but something horrible happens – one of the notes gets into the wrong hands and after that all eyes are on Emmie. The girl has to go through the school day and face her fears along the way.

Published: HarperCollins, 2017
Illustrator: Terri Libenson

Find the book in the OverDrive e-libary.

Helen Reiser
Kalamaja Library

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