Dori Hillestad Butler “The haunted library”

It’s the first story of a detective series “The haunted library”, where a ghost and a human get to be friends and start to investigate different cases.

Kaz is a ghost boy, who lives with his family in an old schoolhouse. One day their home gets demolished and all the family rushes outside where they get separated because a sudden strong wind blows them into different directions. Kaz is carried by the wind to a library. In the library there happen strange things. Mysterious ghost haunts the library and a little girl named Claire can actually see him! Who is this strange ghost? Is it someone from Kaz´s family? Maybe it’s his long lost brother? Kaz and Claire are about to team up and find it out.

Dori Hillestad is an american children’s book writer, who has written over 40 books for kids. Some of them are translated to Estonian as well. For example King&Kayla series (“Muri ja Mari”).

Published: Grosset & Dunlap, 2014
Illustrated: Aurore Damant

Find the book in  the e-catalogue ESTER.

Helen Reiser
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