Kaye Umansky “Witch for a week”

It’s a warm, fuzzy and funny story about an adorable little girl, who discovers witchcraft and magic. 

Elsie Pickles works in her parents’ shop. She is taught to be friendly and polite to the customers at all times. One day the red witch visits the shop and offers her a job – one week minding her home while she is off to her sister. Elsie Pickles takes the challenge because her family needs the money and she is excited to take a break from dull everyday life.

As it is a witch’s home, you can’t expect it to be a normal, usual house. So… Elsie Pickles learns quickly that her father’s customers’ rules come handy in every situation (for example dealing with grumpy talking raven and soothing the house). Plus witch’s house sitting is quite a bit of challenge and fun at the same time, especially if you can do a little magic yourself. Unfortunately not everything goes as smoothly as it could…  What happens within a week? Read and find out!

Read also the next Elsie stories – “Wish for a witch”, “Witches (un)welcome” and “Witch in winter”.

Published: Simon & Schuster, 2017
Illustrated: Ashley King

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Helen Reiser
Kalamaja branch library

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