Epp Petrone “Marta’s toes”

Marta is a little girl for whom most favourite things in the world are candies. Together with her mommy, daddy and toy crocodile she discovers new things in life, for example when to cross the road or what happens if she walks down the stairs by herself. Marta spends time in nature, makes friends with interesting bugs and travels in the dreamland. Her time spent at home is also full of funny games as well as learning and taking care of her toys. She plays hide-and-seek with her dad and smells the summer in the outdoors with her mom.

Short stories are great to tell as they do not require keeping attention for too long. Certainly every child can find the connecition between his or her thoughts and the experiences Marta is having in this book. Even more value is added by colourful pictures that represent both reality and a child’s imagination.

Published: Petrone Print, 2013
Illustrated: Piia Maiste

Check from the e-catalogue ESTER.

Mari-Liis Mägi
Kännukuke branch library

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