Äsop „Die Stadtmaus und die Landmaus“

A Greek storyteller Aesop (in German: Äsop, Aisop, Aesop) is well-known for his fables.

This book is a simplified version of the fable „The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse“, which has been translated into German by Barbara Sauser.

In his fables Aesop often uses personification. Mouses have in this tale human characteristics. The story is about differences between country and town, about relativity of richness and poorness, about different values and lifestyles.

Vocabulary includes such topics like town, shopping, transport, house, home and meals. One can practice present tense, imperative, negation, local prepositions, and possessive pronoun.

The publication is richly illustrated and includes many playful exercises. One can do handicrafts, solve crossword puzzles, play theatre, etc. The book has an appendix, a CD-ROM.

This adaptation could be a suitable reading for children whose mother tongue is German or who have learned German for a few years at the primary school or later. Adults who would like to study German at the level A1.1 or want to refresh their command of language, could be also the target audience of this book.

Published: ELI, 2017
Illustrated: Andrea Rivola

Find this book from the e-catalogue ESTER.

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Kadi Eslon
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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