Eno Raud „The Gothamites“

„The Gothamites” is a popular Estonian children’s book. It includes more or less funny stories about people called the Gothamites (kilplased in Estonian).

Once the Gothamites were admired for their intelligence, but as time passed, they gradually became dumber. They started to think and act senselessly. For example they tried to grow salt on the community field… The Gothamites have surely broadened the concept of anarchy and given it a new dimension.

The roots of folk stories about the Gothamites are located in Germany. It was Fr. R. Kreutzwald who originally mediated these stories into Estonian and started to use the word kilplased. The adaptation by Eno Raud has been popular among different generations for decades. Since 2019, the book is also available in English.

A travel tip: if you come to Estonia, don’t forget to visit the theme park of the Gothamites (Kilplala). It is situated in the centre of Estonia, in Järva county, village Müüsleri. All the activities, attractions and exhibitions there are inspired by legends and stories about the bizarre Gothamites.

Published: Elsewhere Editions, 2019
Narrator: Eno Raud
Illustrator: Priit Pärn
Translated into English by Adam Cullen

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Kadi Eslon
Department of Literature in Foreign Languages

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