James Dawson „Say Her Name“

Do you dare to say ’Bloody Mary’ five times in a candle-lit room facing a mirror on a stormy Hallowe’en night? I personally would not dare. But there are those are willing to perform such a summoning despite many warnings and terrifying rumours.

Sadie, Bobbie, Caine, Naya, Grace, Lottie, Mark dare each other to summon Bloody Mary. Bobbie, Naya and Sadie are the ones who accept the challenge and take part in the summoning at their school. According to legend more than 200 years ago a pupil killed herself and ever since then the legend has been going around at Piper’s Hall. The girls chant ’Bloody Mary’ five times, then wait a while but seemingly nothing happens. After that they all burst into laughter and will remember this as a spooky evening. Only if nothing ever happened that evening they would still be safe. Bloody Mary is waiting to be called upon and once she hears her name she will haunt the person for the rest of their lives. Always waiting in reflections, in mirrors, in the rear view mirror of a car, in the reflection of your computer screen. For those five times you called her name you get five days to live.

London, 2014

Check from the e-catalogue ESTER.

Birgit Kirsipuu
Sääse branch library

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