Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce „Pip Bartlett´s Guide to Magical Creatures“

Pip is a 9-year old girl with a unique talent – she can speak to magical creatures. Whereas magical creatures are common part of the world she lives in, ability to talk to them is not, so, unfortunately, no one believes Pip has the gift.

But oh! does that gift turn out to be useful when invasion of flame-bursting fuzzles floods Cloverton – a town where Pip spends summer, helping in her aunt’s clinic for magical creatures.

Fuzzles are suddenly found everywhere in town – especially in underwear drawers – and those harmless-looking creatures have a tendency to burst into flames whenever they are scared or excited. To prevent the town to be burnt down or the fuzzles to be exterminated, Pip has to find out why and where they came from.

Keeping  Jeffrey Higgleston’s  “Guide to Magical Creatures” wieldy and new-found friend Tomas – a boy with peculiar allergies – close to her side, Pip gallops into mysterious adventure full of amazing magical creatures.

Pip Bartlett´s Guide to Magical Creatures (first in Pip Bartlett series) is a enthralling story about friendship, trust, kindness and overcoming your fears, while accepting anyone as they are. And the illustrations are great as well!

Illustrations Maggie Stiefvater

Ingrid Lestsepp
Kalamaja branch library

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