Chloe Coles “Bookshop Girl”

The sixteen-year-old Paige Turner is trying to save up for college and loves working in the Bennett’s Bookshop, but now she and her co-workers have only four weeks to do something about the future of the store. Paige and her best friend Holly can’t let the bookshop get closed down, so they decide to do whatever it takes to stop it from happening. They need to come up with a plan to save the shop. It isn’t an easy task, but they are determined to keep the place open, so there would be at least one place in the city, where people can purchase literature. I am sure that all book lovers can relate to how they feel about the place and the fact it’s the only bookstore in the city.

Other than that it’s summer break and Paige starts going to an art class with Holly. They meet interesting people that also seem to be interested in helping them out with the store. Other topics covered in the book include discrimination and unaccepted actions towards women, believing in yourself and working towards your dreams.

Published: Hot Key Books, 2018

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Mari-Liis Mägi
Librarian of Kännukuke Library

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