Naoko Takeuchi “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon vol 1”


How do you like to spend your days? Studying? Sleeping? Whining about the endless amount of piled up and ignored schoolwork? Going to the arcade? Or maybe crime fighting evil villains or intruders who have come to the inner solar system? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least two of the criteria above, then you might have some extra reading assignment waiting for you!

Tsukino Usagi (note: Japanese people write and tell their surname before their given name) is just a normal middle school girl. She lives with her father, mother and annoying little brother Shingo. She’s lazy, hungry all the time (she loves sweets!) and has her head in the clouds. What she doesn’t have she makes up with her positive attitude and friendliness. If she could, she would ban all homework, tests and exams.

One day while walking towards school she rescues a stray cat from local kids who were bullying the poor creature. Later the cat turns up at her house and surprises Usagi by talking in human language. Naturally Usagi is shocked and bewildered. The cat, who bears a crescent moon ‘bald spot’ as said by Usagi, is named Luna. Luna informs the schoolgirl of her sacred duty to protect Planet Earth from evildoers as a Soldier of Love and Justice. Usagi is a coward and often breaks down in tears but this won’t stop her mustering up courage. She encounters and defeats evil entities by sheer luck, determination and help from a strange man wearing a tuxedo costume. But what she doesn’t know is how many of these bad guys are out there and whether she has the strength to keep on fighting. Will she have to do everything by herself or will there be any help?

To know more or refresh your memory (because Sailor Moon has been around for quite some time) borrow the manga from the nearest Tallinn Central Library or watch the anime series!

Published: Kodansha Comics, 2011

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Birgit Kirsipuu Sääse branch library

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